Wednesday, December 5, 2007

let it snow

On November 30, 2007 a Friday night to be exact it started to snow. Kapono and I headed down to EC to give Celeste and birthday gift, the bext day we were going to go to SLC and spend the weekend with Steven and Vanessa. The drive down there was probably the scariest drive to East Carbon that I have ever had. Kapono was driving for the very first time in the snow, in a very tiny city truck that had no traction on the wheels. Kapono couldnt have been more excited about it, he was having the time of his life. The roads were covered in a thick layer of snow and we were sliding all of the road (kapono thinks I am exagerrating, but I am not) Once we made it to EC I informed him that we would not be going back up that night. Over at celestes house we had a snow ball fight, we took Phaydra out in the snow, she didnt like it that much. Kapono did though, he went crazy out there. Needlessly to say we did not make it to SLC we barely made it to price the next day. but it all worked out we found out who our new Branch Pres is.


This year I had a sudden desire for pies. I baked like 9 different ones for Thanksgiving, it was soooo yummy. There was double layer pumpkin, apple pie, cherry pie, lemon, oreo cheesecake, peanut butter and regular pumpkin, there must have been more, oooh yeah the banana pudding, its not a pie but for thanksgiving purposes it counts and the last one was a banana cream pie. There wasnt room in the fridge for all of them so we had to eat them that night. :)

No Internet

So we have a ton of pictures to post and stories to go with them, but sadly we do not get the internet at our house, well sometimes we do when the neighbors have a good signal :) We called to get internet service but for some reason the guy couldn't make the computers recognize it. So you have to wait for the pictures but I can write little blurps about the Happenings of Rouie and Kapono.

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