Friday, July 9, 2010

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I have complete faith that my brother knows what he's talking about so this should be a video of Alice pretending to crawl.

Alice Crawling

Sadly our external ports are still not what they should be so I have no way of posting video but we do have some on our phone...*thought* Steven can I text from phone to email and publish on blogger? Alice is crawling okay so its really a slither like an army crawl but she gets around so fast. Every time she gets on her knees to go she does a face plant so she still working on it. She's at that stage where she has to be with a parent at ALL times and usually that parent is me. I'm not complaining I love that she wants me because Asa never did and when she was a newborn she refused to be my friend she loved all the girls in Sessions. It gets challenging when I am trying to make dinner so Ashley or Vaina has her and she screams the entire time. Mostly though she's stinky adorable.

Asa learning to share

Last night Aunty Vaina gave Asa a brand new coloring book with tree-bark colored pencils. It was too late for Asa to play with it so we took them to the room so when he awoke the next morning he would have some entertainment. He didn't notice the book until it was almost time to leave for breakfast, when he did find it though he was very excited. After 10 or so minutes of drawing he said he was done and put the coloring book and the pencils away on the shelf. When we told him it was time to go to the main house he wanted to take the book with him. Kapono tried to convince him to leave it but that just caused Asa to grab 1 coloring pencil. On the way out the door I told Asa that if he took it than the other boys will color in it. He looked at the coloring pencils and said "Kalama!" and promptly went back to grab a pencil for him once he got back to the door with 2 pencils in hand he remembered something "Ariihau" he screamed and ran back to grab one more pencil. So instead of us convincing Asa to leave the coloring book and pencils behind so they don't get ruined he brought the book and 1 pencil for each of his cousins.

being out here has been really good for him. He didn't have anyone his age to play with so I thought he was a perfect child cause he would always share with his Aunties in Utah. With cousins close to his age though its been interesting seeing my son the youngest of the 5 boys be such a bully. We've had to take toys away and put him in time out many times. Its hard to teach him "don't hit" while your giving him a spanking. They have their good days and bad days though, like this morning its a very good start. He's learning a lot more than just sharing too. He now knows the sounds of vehicles; motorcycle, truck and car. He knows what an airplane is and gets so excited he probably pees himself when he sees one. on the sheshe (pee) note he knows what he's doing and most of the time tells us right after he evacuated his bowels that he wants to go to the toilet. He can answer questions with; yes, no, I'm done and so on. We can ask him a series of questions and he isn't just saying a word he knows what he wants.

There are a lot of us in the house so a quick family tree. Kaumana (oldest son) married to Vaina 2 kids Ariihau (4) Kalama (2), Kapono (2nd oldest) married to Rouie 2 kids Asa (1) and Alice (6 months) Lanakila (kapono's Twin, lives with his in-laws) married to Laryssa 2 kids Logan (2) and Thomas (6 weeks) Kaleo (22 for one more week) single, Koa (living with his in-laws) married to Ashley sorry for not adding the rest of the fam but they are not included in the story..however that doesn't mean we don't love you. Asa can say everyone's name including mine a little something he picked up from his cousins. Every time one of the boys says Aunty Rouie Asa says ouie! Ouie! Aunty Vaina unless I say Vaina is mammo (french mommy). The other night all the brothers went to see the last airbender as they got out of the car Asa scream out Daddy! Koa! Tutu (tutuman) Papa (Kaumana, another something he picked up from his cousins) and kleo!
btw if you ever want to make Asa happy just feed him chicken, however he is not a fan of chicken nuggets.
on a side not both mine and Vaina kids were born in sept and dec and some of us may or may not be trying to get prego what if our # 3's are born in the same month too..weird

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