Monday, December 6, 2010

Family Fun

The weather is just so great out here that we thought we'd show the kids how to fly a kite. We should have gotten a kite that actually works, we spent more time trying to get the kite to fly above 2 feet then we did playing with the kids. They had fun anyways thanks to all the spare bikes around TVA. Asa has staked claim to a certain little trike, he and Alice fight over it all the time, I have a stinking cute picture of her standing on one of the back wheels trying to climb into the seat, too bad I can't post it.
We also went to the Aloha center and took some family pictures next to the Christmas trees. Nannie did a pretty good job for point and shoot.
Recently we've just been making friends and playing at the park. It seems like when the kids are not napping we are outside playing, its great fun.
Asa is getting the hang of going sheshe in the toilet he knows how to go by himself and often tells me to stay on the couch so he can do it alone. He also knows how to put on his own clothes he doesnt do it very often it take about 20 minutes if I force him to do it so I often just do it for him.
Alice loves to attack Asa. She does it on purpose she kills me. She's walking now, she started about a month ago she's pretty good she looks really goofy and cute though she holds her arms out to balance her and she pushes out her belly.

Made by Lena