Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Asa and Alice

So they say not to compare your kids and Janet always yells at me if I tell Asa "why can't you behave like your sister" But I cant help it, its amazing how different they already are but the same also so this next blog will be all about their difference and alikeness. Asa was sitting up unassisted and not falling over 3 days after he turned for months. I remember this so clearly because it was 2 days after we left Hawaii and I was disappointed that Tutu and Tutuman didnt get to see. Alice is still working on it but basically has it down at four and a half months. Asa started eating mush at 3 months exactly and eat it for dinner and breakfast everyday along with breast feeding clear till 10 months. He ate mush at least once a meal everyday till he was a year old. He tried to eat babyfood but he hated the meat and Kapono ate the fruit. Alice Loves babyfood except the meat of course, who could like that..gross, she eats it nearly 3 times a day. Asa has basically never slept through the night off and on when he was little little he would get in a pattern and sleep about 4 days out of 7 but then we would take a trip or he wouldnt go to bed at bed time and he would inevitably end up in our bed. He still to this day makes his way to Kapono's side of the bed to join us about 2 am everyday. Alice on the other hand sleeps through the night about 6 out of 7 nights and stays asleep anywhere from 7:30-10:30. When she falls asleep I am able to put her in her crib and walk away. I dont worry that she'll wake up becuase she puts herself back to sleep. Asa has to be held in cradle position on the couch by kapono with the tv on we have to keep him like that till his thumb falls out of his mouth and then its safe to move him, otherwise we get to start the whole thing again. Alice found her thumb when she was a couple days old and has enjoyed it ever since, Asa didnt find it till 6 months and gave himself so nasty looking sores from sucking to hard.Asa could reach for and grab things with his index finger and thumb and 3 months, I never worried about him putting something in his mouth because to this day if he eats something he tells me about it. Alice has no desire to pick something off the ground she is only interested in it if it looks like it will fit in her mouth and gets very upset if it doesnt make it there soon. Asa shed twice when he was a newborn it was basically disgusting. Alice didnt shed at all. Nick my brother in law was saying that smelly lotions and oils cause shedding this might be true because with Asa we lotioned and oiled him everyday and with Alice I sort of forgot to. Alice talks all the time, and she needs to be the center of attention. If she is in a crowd of people and we dont speak to her she will get upset and return all the focus to her. Asa talks all the time too however he didnt start talking till her was closer to 9 months. Asa being older understand a great deal however he only chooses to listen when it benefits him.


Alice can pretty much sit up on her own now, I still barricade her with pillows because when she decides she's done she throws herself backwards. Most of the time she just hunches forward and looks like half and Alice but recently she has been sitting up with out help while she attacks a toy. I'm pretty sure she's teething with all the drooling and the fever and the attacking of any body part that gets put in her mouth but as of yet she doesnt have anything to show for it. We took pictures of her and her new cousin and Alice looks gigantic. She really isn't at the last appointment she weighed 14lbs I think and she's 23" tall, you know what I didnt go tot the last appointment so I could be really wrong on that one. She rolled over the other day from her belly to her back, she's not a fan of belly time. it was so cute we had her out in the living room and Janet put toys within her reach, after a couple minutes which were probably only seconds that felt like minutes she decided she had enough on her tummy and rolled over to her back,she was so happy about it she started giggling just from us grinning at her. Alice is basically the cutest baby in the world and everyone that doesnt have their own kids or nieces and nephews agree with me. Her hair is getting fairly long in the back we can put a band on her and her hair will cover it. She is 4 and 1/2 months, she eats baby food regularly and sleeps through the night mosts nights.

Say Cheese

The other Day Nannie and I went to Smiths to get a very specific shopping list. Nannie let Asa push the little kid cart since he can kind of see over it and Alice was in her car seat taking up the whole cart so the food had to slide under her to sit. We were looking at the tortillas near the meat isle when I lost Asa. He was there one minute looking at the tortillas with me and the next gone. And then we hear him. It was like a slow motion movie here comes Asa hands raised high holding a 2lbs block of cheese running as fast as his little feetzies will go yelling CHEESE, CHEESE. When he got to the cart he lifts Alices seat and slides it in. Now I'm not a cheese fan like the rest of my family and apparently my kids are so I take it out. Asa decided that that meant "mom doesnt like colby lets try mozzarella" so off he went and back he came with another 2 lbs block of cheese, mozzarella this time yelling CHEESE CHEESE. Nannie took that one out and we let him pick a 1 lb block because it was evident we were not leaving that store with out some CHEESE.

Lost Journal

I lost my journal. I was hoping to find in while we started packing to move but so far its a no go. Asa and Alice are being way stinking cute and I'm starting to forget what they're doing because I don't have a journal to write it down in and then Kapono reminded me of our blog. It made so much sense, I'm the one that begged Steven and Vanessa to create this thing and then told everyone that they had to get one Steven even made a homepage so if we forget someones link we can go there and I dont even use it. But with Steven and Vanessa gone I should post things since they actually read blogs and I dont call as often as I should. So Steven and Vanessa this is for you. Miss you guys!

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