Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rouie's Belly

I am roughly 5 months in the pics. Yes I know I am huge. No there are not two babies in me.

Manti Trip

For the end of the Semester the Branch decided to make a temple trip to manti. Amazing how many couples turned out, and of course afterwards we went to get icecream at the parlor. yumm

Temple Square

LDS General Conference

For the first time in our lives Kapono and I got tickets to see the Sunday Morning Session of Conference in the Conference Center. IT was soooooooo much better than watching it on TV.

Cool new Car

This is our cool (new to us) car/suv. To those of you who ask why did you buy a gas guzzler when prices are going up? I point the finger at my husband. IT was his fault. But I like it too.

New Car

This is our cool new (to us) SUV Need I say more. For those of you who ask, why on earth did you buy a gas guzzler when gas prices are on the rise, I answer by pointing the finger at my husband. It was HIS fault. But I love it.

Triffle Dish

my suggestion to you, never buy a trifle dish and if you do, hide it from your creative spouse otherwise you have to come up with something better than last time. and then you get a reputation for having really good deserts and what if one day you dont do so well, not good I tell you not good.

Made by Lena