Friday, October 12, 2007


On October 2, 2007 Janet Lowe went innocently to the Wellington Post office with Her Father and Mema. Little did she know that she would run into a neighbor and that neighbor would have a grand design of his own. Upon entering the building she ran into the man. He politely made small talk, for he was not sure which little Lowe this was. He went directly to the Father and told him straight out that he has an apartment in Price next to the college that he would like his children to rent. Janet hearing this ask "how much a month? how big is the deposit? what was the adress?" The matter was quickly resovled for at 5pm that very evening Janet, Rouie and Kapono met with the man's wife. She was a pleasent lady and was delighted to show the apartment in hopes that it would be rented soon. We had not been in the place for 3 mins when Kapono and Janet both declared that they would take it on the spot and where should they send the check.
Its a quaint duplex with a carport and storage outside, we share the back and front yard with the other tenant. from the front door you walk directly into the livingroom where you behold the staircase. Rouie and Janet immediatly thought about how much fun it would be to throw Robert from it. Kapono thought about all the christmas decorations he could hang from the banaster. It's a fairly small living room, dining room, and kitchen but it has a closet which stores the most exciting news. Our very own washer and dryer. The place came furnished with kitchen table, sofa, gaint chair and random white rocking chair. The kitchen has a dishwasher and a microwave. Upstairs is the bathroom with new light fixtures and cabnites and the two bedrooms; one ober gaint master bedroom and one the size of my closet. Janet choose the latter (what a nice girl).

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