Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dinner catches fire for the 2nd time

Let me tell you about the first time that we caught our dinner on fire.  It was a normal afternoon, well i guess it was more evening then afternoon.  Rouie wanted to make fried potatoes.  So she got all the four potatoes cut and the oil heated.  She was doing a great job dropping them into the HOT oil. It was only splashing a little, not to bad.  Then she got a huge handful and drop, right into the oil.  There was a huge splash, we think cause it happened so fast, because after that there was a huge flame.  It went up the wall and out.  It was amazing, so crazy.  Then it quickly put its self out.  There was only some burn marks on the stove and walls, which we still have yet to remove some of it.

The second time that we caught dinner on fire was last night.  I wanted to have a romantic dinner with Rouie.  So i got the table all ready, place mats, china, silver and candles.  It was perfect.  Then I got dinner ready.  The menu was speghetti, salad, and garlic bread.  I got everything ready but the bread, it was still in the oven.  Rouie and I sat down and started "talking," when I randomly to check on the bread.  To my amazement the entire oven was on fire. I thought to myself for one second and then reached into the oven and grabbed the flaming pan and threw the flaming bread into the sink and turned on the water.  There was smoke everywhere.  But to our luck our smoke alarm has no batteries so it didn't make annoying noise.
Dinner was still romantic.

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