Monday, May 17, 2010

My Bad

I know I said that I would be updating this on a regular basis and then didn't post anything for awhile, well let me explain. You know how I mentioned everything was happening too fast well.. We took a trip to Grand Junction recently (that will get its own post with pictures) and then the next day left for Wolf Creek (which will also get its own post with a lot of pictures) and now we are back home with 3 days to pack before all the commotion starts again. Right now I am waiting for my pictures to download on to another computer and then copy to a jump drive so I can add them to our picasa so they can go on here. When I say those above activities will have their own posts I mean it I just am unsure as to whether they will get written in Utah or Hawaii.

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The little Lowes said...

Good thing that we are coming to Utah tomorrow or else I would be very sad :).


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