Friday, July 9, 2010

Alice Crawling

Sadly our external ports are still not what they should be so I have no way of posting video but we do have some on our phone...*thought* Steven can I text from phone to email and publish on blogger? Alice is crawling okay so its really a slither like an army crawl but she gets around so fast. Every time she gets on her knees to go she does a face plant so she still working on it. She's at that stage where she has to be with a parent at ALL times and usually that parent is me. I'm not complaining I love that she wants me because Asa never did and when she was a newborn she refused to be my friend she loved all the girls in Sessions. It gets challenging when I am trying to make dinner so Ashley or Vaina has her and she screams the entire time. Mostly though she's stinky adorable.


Steven said...

depends on your phone but i would guess that you can.

send an sms to an email address. it's really that simple.

but what is this talk of ports not being open. is it real computer issues or has the island stopped allowing visitors?

The little Lowes said...

She is getting way to big. She and her brother need to come visit me......


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