Friday, October 21, 2011

Quiet Books for Church

I Have been wanting to make a Quiet Book for my kids for some time now, nearly a year ago I started collect supplies and researching it online, the more I researched the more terrified I became. Quiet Books are a HUGE project there was now way I was going to be able to make one. There are so many options for pages and different ideas on how to create them I was completely overwhelmed. Which is why it took a year and a church calling for me to start and finish my first Quiet Book ever. I personally am thrilled with the results mostly because no lie it only took me a week to make. just a couple hours here and there and badda-bing-badda-bang DONE! If you have researched quiet books then some of the ideas will look familiar to you I got a lot of the pages and templets from other templets are from google images. The hardest part of making a Quiet Book is organizing supplies. I will try to break it down for you. First things first you need fabric. I used fat quarters from Walmart you only need 3, iron them and cut in half hamburger style. (I hope you all remember hamburger/hotdog style from kindergarten) You also need batting I used pellon firm or extra firm about a yard is all you need cut into 6 equal pieces roughly 8' square. I am going to list the overall instructions first and under each picture will have list of supplies and step by step instructions. Instructions Layout Quiet book pages before beginning. You need to pin 6 pieces of pellon insert to 3 of the fabric rectangles. When sewing pages make sure to sew thru pellon as well to hold it in place. Once pages are created layout quiet book again you have 6 pieces of rectangle fabric, the order of the book is up to you as long as front and back cover are on the same piece of fabric. 1-Front and back cover 2-faith in every footstep/Count your tithing 3-Future Missionary/10 tribes 4-etc 5 6 Turn over pages 2, 4, 6 Place page 1 on page 2, 3 on 4, and 5 on 6 Double Sew around the edges of double rectangles leaving ½ in seam You should now have 3 movable fabrics with 4 pages each Cut little lines around seam to create a frayed look With front and back cover face down Places fabrics onto of each other Sew zig-zag line down center of book to create fold.
Faith in Every Footstep Supplies: Shoe template 6 eyelets/grommets 1 shoelace Step one: Make sure you have slits for the opening of the eyelets. Step 2: You need 6 eyelets, using the machine attach eyelets Step 3: Position shoe on Fabric, pin in place and sew around Step 4: String shoe lace through
10 Tribes Supplies: String/yarn 55 beads Step 1: Cut 10 pieces of string equal lengths, Step 2: tie one end slid 1 on one string 2 onto another and so forth until every string has beads the last having a full 10. Tie the other end Step 3: Pin string onto fabric with ½-1 inch gap in between, sew
Future Missionary Supplies: White button up with at least two buttons small rectangle of black felt Step One: Sew small black fabric onto panel of white shirt, zig-zaf stitch 2 lines of different lengths horizontally to appear as writing on name tag. Step 2: Leave shirt buttoned, position on fabric, pin in place, sew along the outside panels.
Church Notes Supplies: laminated index card or small notepad rectangle felt 4x5 draw line to indicate 1' pocket for marker Writing utensil Step 1: Position rectangle onto fabric sew along 3 sides with opening at top, sew down fabric on line to create a side pocket for markers. Insert laminated card.
I Love to see the Temple Supplies: 5 felt flowers 5 felt circles 5 velcro, snaps or buttons if using snaps you need handheld machine (same one used for eyelets) your choice of Temple Step 1: Cut out temple of Choice, sew on fabric Step 2: sew on 5 buttons Step 3: For buttons make slit in flower, for Velcro glue on Velcro FLOWERS: Attach center circle with glue around edges or sew into place.
Noah’s Ark Supplies: felt boat felt water felt for finger puppets Template from Step 1: Make Finger puppets Step 2: Sew top of water onto boat Step 3; Sew boat onto fabric leave opening at top To Make finger puppets: Sew body together leaving opening on bottom for finger insert. Glue attachments onto appropriate animal. Note: for cow and pig you can place ears and horns onto bottom fabric before sewing to hide appear on back of animal
Sunday Best Supplies: yarn for girl hair 1 felt body felt dress felt shirt felt pants felt boy hair velcro to attach Step 1: Attach Velcro to Hair and clothing pieces. Attach opposite Velcro to Body and 2 pieces to be sewn on fabric. Step 2: Sew body onto fabric Step 3: Sew Velcro pieces onto fabric, attach clothing pieces to hold in place.
Time for Church Supplies: 1 button felt clock body felt hands of clock felt clock face Step 1: Sew or glue clock face to clock body Step 2: Sew clock body onto fabric, write #’s on clock face Step 3: Attach button to center of clock face Step 4: make slit in clock hands and attach to button
Lehi’s Dream Supplies: felt tree top felt tree trunk velcro fruit felt iron rod Step 1: Position leaves on fabric, sew. Step 2: Place tree over leaves, sew into place Step 3: Sew small squares of Velcro onto leaves Step4: using opposite Velcro cut out fruit shapes attach to velcro on tree. Step 5: Position on Iron Rod, sew
Front Cover: My Quiet Book Supplies: your choice of decorations Step 1: Print out quiet book poem sew onto page Step 2: add embellishments. “My Quiet Book. We’ll have such fun together, My quiet book and I, I’ll look at it and not disturb The people with my cry I won’t make a bit of noise I’ll be quiet as a mouse, For we want the Lord near While we are in His house.”
Back Cover: Stars for Being Busy Supplies: 6 felt stars 6 buttons Step 1: Sew on 6 Buttons to fabric Step 2: Sew on pocket for stars Well there you have it!


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It looks adorable! I kinda want to make one now. :)

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