Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Alice can pretty much sit up on her own now, I still barricade her with pillows because when she decides she's done she throws herself backwards. Most of the time she just hunches forward and looks like half and Alice but recently she has been sitting up with out help while she attacks a toy. I'm pretty sure she's teething with all the drooling and the fever and the attacking of any body part that gets put in her mouth but as of yet she doesnt have anything to show for it. We took pictures of her and her new cousin and Alice looks gigantic. She really isn't at the last appointment she weighed 14lbs I think and she's 23" tall, you know what I didnt go tot the last appointment so I could be really wrong on that one. She rolled over the other day from her belly to her back, she's not a fan of belly time. it was so cute we had her out in the living room and Janet put toys within her reach, after a couple minutes which were probably only seconds that felt like minutes she decided she had enough on her tummy and rolled over to her back,she was so happy about it she started giggling just from us grinning at her. Alice is basically the cutest baby in the world and everyone that doesnt have their own kids or nieces and nephews agree with me. Her hair is getting fairly long in the back we can put a band on her and her hair will cover it. She is 4 and 1/2 months, she eats baby food regularly and sleeps through the night mosts nights.

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The little Lowes said...

She is such a good baby. It makes me sad to know that she is growing up so fast!


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