Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Say Cheese

The other Day Nannie and I went to Smiths to get a very specific shopping list. Nannie let Asa push the little kid cart since he can kind of see over it and Alice was in her car seat taking up the whole cart so the food had to slide under her to sit. We were looking at the tortillas near the meat isle when I lost Asa. He was there one minute looking at the tortillas with me and the next gone. And then we hear him. It was like a slow motion movie here comes Asa hands raised high holding a 2lbs block of cheese running as fast as his little feetzies will go yelling CHEESE, CHEESE. When he got to the cart he lifts Alices seat and slides it in. Now I'm not a cheese fan like the rest of my family and apparently my kids are so I take it out. Asa decided that that meant "mom doesnt like colby lets try mozzarella" so off he went and back he came with another 2 lbs block of cheese, mozzarella this time yelling CHEESE CHEESE. Nannie took that one out and we let him pick a 1 lb block because it was evident we were not leaving that store with out some CHEESE.

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The little Lowes said...

Awesome, awesome story. If he loves cheese that much then he has to be related to the Lowes!


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