Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lost Journal

I lost my journal. I was hoping to find in while we started packing to move but so far its a no go. Asa and Alice are being way stinking cute and I'm starting to forget what they're doing because I don't have a journal to write it down in and then Kapono reminded me of our blog. It made so much sense, I'm the one that begged Steven and Vanessa to create this thing and then told everyone that they had to get one Steven even made a homepage so if we forget someones link we can go there and I dont even use it. But with Steven and Vanessa gone I should post things since they actually read blogs and I dont call as often as I should. So Steven and Vanessa this is for you. Miss you guys!

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The little Lowes said...

If you want to know the truth I am kinda glad you lost your journal... sad that you are not able to write everything down about Asa and Alice but happy that you are writing updates on them on the blog so that I can sorta feel like I am close by and watching them grow up. Can't wait to see you all in 21 days!!!!!!!


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